Imagine a Place

Imagine a place where, as far as the eye can see, miles and miles to the horizon, you can view America as it was 300 years ago. Imagine a place, long revered by the American Indians, where the Cheyenne River flows in all four directions, and eagles'shadows sweep rocky canyon walls, a place where wild horses run free across endless prairies, hooves striking thunder, manes and tails flying in the wind.

Welcome to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary


These are horses nobody wanted. As if they have no value because they are too little, too big or too plain. To us they are beautiful beyond words – their quick, wary ways, their tangled manes excite our senses. Born wild, many were hunted and trapped and nearly forgotten in a faraway stockyard. It broke our hearts to see them there. So we created a home – a sanctuary for them. We set them free. We had to.




Please give the gift of life now to the wild horses. Thank you.